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Cheer is a company specialized in providing support to all kinds of artistic events. For over 10 years providing excellence, ideas, creativity and commitment

Welcome to, a show, music and animation business company funded in 1999 and dedicated to providing private and public companies with its expertise and artistic support.

Animarte works with a wide range of artists, all of them with great experience and exclusive shows to suit any needs and to guarantee absolute satisfaction for the audience.

We want to work as a wide reaching platform where local artists can be accessed and contacted; as an open window to the complete range of musical and artistic offerings in Malaga and Andalusia.









Shows and Animation

  • La Belle Époque

  • Dance
  • Animarte and Fusion Sur Dance Co. have created a show inspired by the golden years of the Belle Époque and set in the Automobile Museum in Malaga. Fun, fun, different. ... The show has 2 parts: 1) The ...
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  • Quique Navarro Jazz Trio

  • Jazz, Soul & Dixie /Music
  • Quique Jazz Trio Navarro presents his "Jazz Violin" in which the group mixes the classic feel of the instruments with a contemporary touch of Jazz. Accompanied by Luis Gerard Portellano the piano and the bass Mases aesthetic ...
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  • Sehnsucht Groups

  • Music /Classical Music /Spanish Music
  • Focused especially for amenización or chamber music with small clusters kind duet, trio, quartet ... covering various instrumental combinations and codes of various kinds, from classical music to other styles like soundtracks, current songs, spanish music, ...
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  • Tito Escroto

  • Spanish Music
  • Tito Escroto started in a band from Málaga called "Escroto, Caca y Paja" (Scrotum, pooh and wank). the trio composed and recorded in real time those obscure, acid, obscene and scatological thoughts that their minds would ...
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