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  • Tito Escroto

  • Spanish Music
  • Tito Escroto started in a band from Málaga called “Escroto, Caca y Paja” (Scrotum, pooh and wank). the trio composed and recorded in real time those obscure, acid, obscene and scatological thoughts that their minds would vomit forth there and then…..

    The most creative mind in the trio with no doubts is Escroto`s, who continued his solo career under the name “Tito Escroto”.

    His first big success was the version he made of Alejandro Sanz´s “Cuando nadir me ve” (When no one can see me), a tittle that he changed to “Cuando nadie me ve me vuelvo a peer”(When noóne can see me I fart again). This version beck so famous that it made it to Alejandro Sanz himself.

    Thousand people have this song in their mobiles and computers. This success inspired Tito Escroto and encouraged him to continue with his artistic licentiousness.

    His songs are based on everyday situations that people do not dare to talk about, out of embarrassment or decorum.

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