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  • “One step” arab-flamenco fusion show

  • Flamenco, Flamenco and its branches, Ethnic Music
  • Dance Co. Trini Ruiz presents “One one step”.  A show of Arab-flamenco fusion which aims, through music and dance, capturing the similarity between two worlds, so far and so close to the time … hence the name.

    “One step” has a meaning other territorial and dance (a dance step), as the two dance styles and rhythms fit perfectly … finally, after all, speak almost the same language.

    The staging begins with the meeting of the two dancers that are not yet known, performing their art in their own styles and their own instruments (in this case, a Manila shawl and a veil)

    Already on the scene, unaware of the similarity of their dance and share their beads and their rates as a sign of curiosity about the style of the other.

    Little by little, the two styles are gearing up to create a symbiosis and a connection, both musically, as movements, almost perfect.

    A journey through musical styles of Flamenco as indigenous as the Joys of Cadiz, the Bulerias, Tangos and Rondeña, mixed with Arabic rhythms as trivial Ciftetelli, Masmoudi and Ayou.

    The music is live and involved a host of tools such as Percussion,  Darbuka, Saxophone, Soprano, Flute, Bansuri, Bodram, violin, guitar and small percussion instruments.

    With respect to Dance, come into play percussive elements of the two dancers, heels and castañulas in Flamenco and Coins and rattlesnakes in the Bellydance.

    Both the music and the choreography and costumes are created by Trini Ruiz.

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