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  • Daphne

  • Jazz, Soul & Dixie
  • A group headed by a fine and distinctive vocalist. Perhaps it is the mixture of her French and Andalusian origins and the years that she spent in the USA that have defined her interpretative style, one that has already made her an established part of the Malaga music scene.

    The line-up consists of a quintet, whose repertory is based on a fusion of themes ranging from Brazilian music to flamenco and jazz.

    Daphne Pelet: studied singing at the University of Georgia in the United States and at the Madrid School of Creative Music with Connie Philips. She works professionally as a soloist in jazz groups and in bands playing popular Brazilian music.

    Nicky Vargas: studied at the Ateneo Jazz in Madrid with Felix Santos and has developed his career as part of Daphne ever since. He currently works as a teacher of harmony and modern guitar in Torremolinos.

    Manuel Olmo: joined Daphne as a flutist, bringing his expertise on percussion and bass to the band. He has worked with the companies of Pepe Marchena and Pepe Aguilar. An established composer, in 2006 he received the award for Best Film Score for the short film “El Juego de Pedro”.

    Tony Romero. A true virtuoso, Tony Romero is one of the most-in-demand pianists today. His collaborations with flamenco groups and rock and jazz groups have made him a regular player in bands such as Chambao, Tabletom and many more.

    Ramón Barranquero: guitarist and percussionist. This versatile musician has become well-loved in recent years thanks to his jazz and Brazilian music, as well as for his collaborations with artists like Kiko Veneno or Los Recortaos, not forgetting, of course, his own group, Malasí.

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