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  • El Arte del Dúo

  • Jazz, Soul & Dixie
  • El Arte del Dúo sets a musical dialog between its performers, in this case between two composers who are masters in the art of improvisation: Carlos Pino (guitar) and David Lenker (piano). When these two artists work together, they deliver a creative and recreational performance in which they play their own musical compositions together developing variations spontaneously; this results in the unique experience which a concert is meant to be. Their music is very easy to understand for the public, modern music, jazz in bossa mode, waltzes, ‘swing’, rumba, blues, etc. Carlos and David might even choose to recreate older atmospheres through the earlier days of jazz. Or perhaps they will play a classic bolero. All this fits inside the framework of their so called “duet art” (El Arte del Dúo).

    El Arte del Dúo