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  • Storytelling concerts

  • Children, Classical Music
  • The idea of “conciertos con relatos” (concerts with stories) starts with the premise of “imaginary listening”. Combining abstract music with texts, situations or images, enriches and heightens the audience’s interest and attention, especially among children. “Cuentacuento” is an educational concert designed for primary school children, from first grade to sixth grade, although on occasions younger children and those in the first two years of secondary school have also joined in. We are also able to bring our show to venues, such as schools, churches, libraries, etc. The story acts as a guiding thread throughout the performance of twelve pieces of classical music. Caring for the natural world, respect, and civic involvement are some of the interconnected values that are dealt with in this tale. If anyone is interested in other subjects, for example tolerance, coexistence etc., we also have other stories we can use. Similarly, depending on the date, we can bring in stories with a Christmas or Easter theme. We can also include a Power Point slide show to accompany the tale.

    Tale: “LOS PEQUEÑOS GUARDABOSQUES” (The Little Forest Rangers)

    A story about the love for nature. Goblins and witches go hand in hand with the children – who are the real protagonists. Clapping, imitating sounds, humming, and so on, the children take an active part in putting the story to music. They also play in a band using musical instruments, which we provide. There are 20 musical ‘interventions’ throughout the story.

    Music: pieces by Mozart, Verdi, Moussorsky, Delibes etc.